Richt­li­nie für Rück­erstat­tun­gen und Rück­ga­ben

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Our re­fund and re­turns po­li­cy lasts 30 days. If 30 days have pas­sed sin­ce your purcha­se, we can’t of­fer you a full re­fund or ex­ch­an­ge.

To be eli­gi­ble for a re­turn, your item must be unu­sed and in the same con­di­ti­on that you re­cei­ved it. It must also be in the ori­gi­nal pack­a­ging.

Se­ve­ral ty­pes of goods are ex­empt from be­ing re­tur­ned. Pe­ri­s­ha­ble goods such as food, flowers, news­pa­pers or ma­ga­zi­nes can­not be re­tur­ned. We also do not ac­cept pro­ducts that are in­ti­ma­te or sa­ni­ta­ry goods, ha­zar­dous ma­te­ri­als, or flamma­ble li­quids or ga­ses.

Ad­di­tio­nal non-re­turnable items:

  • Gift cards
  • Down­loa­da­ble soft­ware pro­ducts
  • Some he­alth and per­so­nal care items

To com­ple­te your re­turn, we re­qui­re a re­ceipt or pro­of of purcha­se.

Plea­se do not send your purcha­se back to the ma­nu­fac­tu­rer.

The­re are cer­tain si­tua­tions whe­re only par­ti­al re­funds are gran­ted:

  • Book with ob­vious si­gns of use
  • CD, DVD, VHS tape, soft­ware, vi­deo game, cas­set­te tape, or vi­nyl re­cord that has been ope­ned.
  • Any item not in its ori­gi­nal con­di­ti­on, is da­ma­ged or miss­ing parts for re­asons not due to our er­ror.
  • Any item that is re­tur­ned more than 30 days af­ter de­li­very


Once your re­turn is re­cei­ved and in­spec­ted, we will send you an email to no­ti­fy you that we have re­cei­ved your re­tur­ned item. We will also no­ti­fy you of the ap­pr­oval or re­jec­tion of your re­fund.

If you are ap­pro­ved, then your re­fund will be pro­ces­sed, and a cre­dit will au­to­ma­ti­cal­ly be ap­pli­ed to your cre­dit card or ori­gi­nal me­thod of pay­ment, wi­thin a cer­tain amount of days.

Late or miss­ing re­funds

If you haven’t re­cei­ved a re­fund yet, first check your bank ac­count again.

Then cont­act your cre­dit card com­pa­ny, it may take some time be­fo­re your re­fund is of­fi­ci­al­ly pos­ted.

Next cont­act your bank. The­re is of­ten some pro­ces­sing time be­fo­re a re­fund is pos­ted.

If you’ve done all of this and you still have not re­cei­ved your re­fund yet, plea­se cont­act us at {email ad­dress}.

Sale items

Only re­gu­lar pri­ced items may be re­fun­ded. Sale items can­not be re­fun­ded.


We only re­place items if they are de­fec­ti­ve or da­ma­ged. If you need to ex­ch­an­ge it for the same item, send us an email at {email ad­dress} and send your item to: {phy­si­cal ad­dress}.


If the item was mark­ed as a gift when purcha­sed and ship­ped di­rect­ly to you, you’ll re­cei­ve a gift cre­dit for the va­lue of your re­turn. Once the re­tur­ned item is re­cei­ved, a gift cer­ti­fi­ca­te will be mai­led to you.

If the item wasn’t mark­ed as a gift when purcha­sed, or the gift gi­ver had the or­der ship­ped to them­sel­ves to give to you la­ter, we will send a re­fund to the gift gi­ver and they will find out about your re­turn.

Ship­ping re­turns

To re­turn your pro­duct, you should mail your pro­duct to: {phy­si­cal ad­dress}.

You will be re­spon­si­ble for pay­ing for your own ship­ping cos­ts for re­tur­ning your item. Ship­ping cos­ts are non-re­fundable. If you re­cei­ve a re­fund, the cost of re­turn ship­ping will be de­duc­ted from your re­fund.

De­pen­ding on whe­re you live, the time it may take for your ex­ch­an­ged pro­duct to reach you may vary.

If you are re­tur­ning more ex­pen­si­ve items, you may con­sider using a trackable ship­ping ser­vice or purcha­sing ship­ping insu­rance. We don’t gua­ran­tee that we will re­cei­ve your re­tur­ned item.

Need help?

Cont­act us at {email} for ques­ti­ons re­la­ted to re­funds and re­turns.